I realize I don’t grace this little haunt as often as I should. But it is rare that I feel I have anything that requires more than a 140 characters to share. However I believe I witnessed an incident today that requires a bit more of a description.

My sister and I walked to Broadview station so she could get her metropass for March. Upon our arrival a woman, who had been patiently waiting in line, went up and handed the collector her money. It was folded over and the collector looked at it and said, “Is this how you got it from the bank?” She was shocked, as clearly all that was needed in the situation was to unfold the bills, count the money, and dispense the metropass. A job so simple right across from the booth 2 machines were being set up to do it.

“This isn’t legal tender unless it is unfolded,” he said.

“Can you please just give me my metropass,” her reply.


She was obviously upset, and angry, and said what any reasonable person would say, “Is this how you treat your customers?”

It descended into a yelling match until finally she asked for his name, it was Sam, and his number, which I don’t have. He finally counted the money yelling, “Why are you holding everyone up!” after he had just spent the last 5 minutes refusing to count her money and provide her the metropass. Then it happened, the moment I find so disgusting.

TTC collectors apart from sitting all day watching TV, reading, or using their cell phones, have one little piece of power, they can stop the turnstile. Having experienced this once as a high school student, who didn’t show his youth ID with his student ticket, I can assure you it is painful and leaves bruises.

This lady flashed her valid metropass and tried to go through. He stopped the turnstile, and I could see lady crash into it. I heard it from the doors across the station. It had to be painful. I know the metropass was valid because she used it on the metropass turnstile and got through no problem. The fact that this Sam had already made a complete idiot of himself was one thing, but this malicious assault on this woman with his one little piece of power was gross.

To the TTC, I say this blatant discourtesy and horrible customer service deserves at least a suspension without pay, though in any other customer service business this person would be fired.

To the riders, if you are doing any business with the TTC, I encourage you to fold or crumple up you cash, any other business would gladly take it. The TTC should be no different.

It is hardly the better way.